Check out our unique range of wooden stairs

Wooden stairs

The stairs are created by us from Polish and exotic wood. We combine it with metal and glass, depending on the type and style of construction, and your own


Folded stairs

Specific way of connecting the tread and riser allows for achieving a solid staircase structure. Because of this, the stairs look as if they were cut out from one piece of wood. They seem to be a one folded plate of stairs.


Cantilever stairs

These stairs seem to hover in the air. They do not optically divide space. They are installed in the wall, which makes it important to consider their fitting at the stage of designing your interiors.


Curved stairs

Creating curved stairs requires more than woodworking abilities. We treat them as a form of art. The whole staircase construction is purely handcrafted.


Spiral stairs

Spiral stairs are designed on a circle or even square plan. Because they do not take a lot of space, we recommend them in smaller interiors.


Self-supporting  stairs

Self-Supporting stairs are easily composed into all types of spaces. They form an independent construction, which causes that their fitting is easier.


Look up the materials we use to make our stairs.



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