Our offer includes such stairs as:

Bent stairs

Bent stairs is a very exclusive type of stairs. The carpentry techniques that we use allow us to create stairs based on curvilinear constructions where all straight lines are bent into an arc creating a unique shape perfectly suited to the interior.

In principle, curved stairs can be adapted to any style by choosing the right railing or that wooden, metalwork, stainless steel or glass.

Our company specializes in the production of curved stairs and curved elements using the technique bending in a vacuum. The production technology itself is not complicated but takes a lot of work time therefore, bent stairs are quite expensive.

Shelf / cantilever stairs

Shelf stairs they owe their name to the characteristic structure and method of assembly. Installs they are placed directly on the load-bearing wall. Nothing supports them from below, and the space between them components is free. Thanks to this, the whole thing becomes extremely light and above all minimalist dimension. A modern shelf staircase is basically nothing but single steps, giving the impression that they are automatically floating in the air.

Investors interested in a shelf staircase should realize that making a decision about they must be installed much faster than with alternative technologies. Why? Well because the supporting structure for them is a steel structure hidden in the wall, which is why it is good prepare the wall properly. Of course, this does not mean that such stairs cannot be installed later. However, it is much more difficult and is associated with significantly higher costs.

Carpet stairs

Carpet stairs their form refers to the carpet unfolded up the stairs, hence their name. They can have self-supporting or reinforced concrete structure. It is a very modern type of stairs that they fit best glass railings, stainless steel railings or black steel railings for a loftier atmosphere. The thickness of the steps is most often for self-supporting 80mm, for concrete structures 40mm.

Spiral stairs

Spiral stairs are functionally arranged. This makes them take up much less space than others. Thanks ago, they are perfect for small rooms where we want to arrange them economically space. Additionally, spiral stairs are a great link not only to traditional floors, but also level with an attic, mezzanine, mezzanine or a separate, separate usable space.

Round stairs are modern, they fit practically all interiors, especially industrial ones, traditional and those that are stylized as antique. All thanks to the materials from which they were left done. The combination of stainless steel and wood gives the effect of classic and freshness, and this is just one of the possibilities offered by spiral stairs. Spiral stairs due to the fact that they take up little space, they can even be installed in the focal points of the building, such as the living room.

In addition to the above, we also make stairs on concrete, stairs on structures steel, stairs on glass structures ... We create stairs for customers all over Europe. We believe that stairs created with passion and love for wood can become a unique piece of furniture "with soul"

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