Spiral stairs


The space of your interiors is small, but you want to have stairs which, instead of hiding, give them bespoke character? We create spiral stairs, which can be tailored to your expectations and enchant your home visitors.
The stairs we propose are created on a plan of a circle or square.
They do not take much space, this is why they suit perfectly to smaller rooms. The main supporting structure of the spiral stairs is achieved by a central newel. It is usually made of metal, making the construction stable. According to the client’s preference we offer spiral stairs that are set clockwise or anticlockwise.
Spiral stairs ideally compose into mezzanine interiors. Depending on a chosen style, they match either modern, rustic or post-industrial lofts. If you are asking yourself a question whether they can fit in your space, the answer is: yes.
We create the stairs from any type of wood chosen by you. Their assembly and disassembly is easy. This is why you can move them in any other space later on. Isn’t it great?
If you are interested in spiral stairs, you will definitely like our curved stairs.

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