Self-supporting stairs

Self-supporting structures have been created to all types of interiors. Self-supporting stairs can easily fit into any space. They do not need any central supporting newel. This trait makes them independent yet stable. What do we get from it? The stairs are not fitted into the walls, as in the case of cantilever stairs. However, it is not the only factor why they are getting more popular. What else?
These type of stairs are more money-saving and easier-to-make options than traditional stairs. Those stairs constitute the most of our staircases offer. Producing them takes us from 1,5 weeks’ up to 1,5 months’ time, depending on whether the clients prefer straight or curved stairs.
We create bespoke and comfortable self-supporting stairs made entirely from wood or with either metal or glass elements. We use only the best quality of European wood as well as many types of exotic timber. We cooperate only with reliable suppliers, however relevant quality checks of ready-made staircases can be made on a client’s request.
See our gallery of stairs and decide which ones are the best for you.
In case of any questions we encourage to contact us personally.

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