Folded stairs


Is your interior highly breathable and spacey? Or maybe you are looking for an ideal small-space solution? Folded (zeta) stairs will perfectly match your dwelling place.
If you like simplicity combined with a touch of elegance, modern or eclectic styling, you will easily convince yourself to folded staircases, because they can ideally match your interior. These type of stairs have simple form, which brings out the beauty of the wooden material. This is a solution created for minimalists.
Among the good traits of folded stairs is a fact that the space under them can be economically managed. This also makes them applicable to smaller interiors.
Folded stairs have no stringers and their supporting structure consists only of wooden treads and risers with steel elements hidden inside. Those elements function as the main construction, which makes the treads and risers quite massive with thickness of 8-10 centimetres. The baluster plays an important role here as well, because like a truss it strengthens the structure of stairs. Modern balusters made from glass or steel are a good choice for this type of stairs.
When working on folded stairs we use specific technology of wood joinery. A high quality of glue and proper way of connecting the tread and riser by means of steel elements, invisible from the outside, results in creating a solid, monolith structure of a staircase. This is why it makes those stairs look as if they were cut our from one lump of wood. They look like a rolled out carpet. By using cotter-pins, folded stairs are screwed into the walls, floors, ceilings, and other supporting elements.
If you like modern stairs we encourage you to look up our offer of cantilever stairs.

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