Curved stairs


Stairs are often the component of space which draws the attention of all the guests. Curved stairs are something more than simple stairs. Being an example of timeless classics, they can add an artistic elegance to your interiors. Other furniture seems redundant in their company. We encourage you to look up the photo gallery and find out more about their unique touch. Curved constructions give you a glimpse into the past, which makes these stairs even more enchanting.
Curved stairs are extremely rich in form, which plays a major role in every interior. Their elegant style matches traditional spaces. They look best when accompanied by wooden elements such as railings or furniture.
We specialise in curved constructions, which introduced new possibilities in the interior design. Curved stairs can be tailored to all types of interiors because they can fit in every, even the smallest space. We create exclusive curved stairs and their elements. In curved-line constructions we use a vacuum technology, which supports producing curved elements of any radius. We avoid the limitations of CNC technology. This is why our bespoke stairs are given a soul.
According to your own preferences, the curved elements may constitute stairs alone or all railings and stringers. We produce them only from the highest quality of wood and metal. When combined with forged railings of small yet refined ornaments, these stairs can inspire all enthusiasts of Alfons Mucha and the secession movement.
If you liked our curved stairs, we encourage you to look ur our spiral stairs, which we offer especially to smaller interiors.

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