Cantilever stairs


Small rooms or the need of more breathing space requires a solution achieved by cantilever staircases. They do not optically divide space, which makes them seem extraordinarily light and gives the interiors an interesting visual effect. Thanks to a unique construction, cantilever stairs look as if they were hovering the air. They can be successfully composed into households, but also office spaces. They perfectly match glass elements.
Cantilever stairs are an option for minimalists. These stairs are deprived of any type of visible supporting structure. They are distinguished by their simplicity, subtlety and modern appearance.
When designing cantilever stairs we take into account the fact that their load can cause cracking of the plaster. This makes the very process of designing a key in the respect of our clients’ full satisfaction.
The construction of cantilever stairs is made from steel. However, their fitting should be included at the stage of designing the interior. The stairs construction is installed before applying plaster on the interior walls. Construction elements are hidden inside the wall and plastered up afterwards.
If you like modern minimalism look up our offer of folded stairs.

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