About us

We are a family company from the Polish region of Małopolska. Our imagination has no borders. We create stairs for clients from Poland and abroad. We have successfully completed projects in Germany, Italy, Great Britain, and even Isle of Man. We offer bespoke stairs made of Polish and exotic wood. We believe that stairs made from passion for wood can become unique furniture pieces with a soul.

We have been giving wooden stairs their singular character for more than 30 years. Challenges do not scare us, and the years of experience allow us to run the most complex and ambitious projects. We are craftspeople from passion and conviction, this is why our stairs are handcrafted.

What makes us special?

We cooperate with selected number of wood, metal and glass suppliers. Our stairs are free of knots, white defects, cracks, warps and fissures. No matter how hard worked upon, material of low quality never looks ideal. Seemingly achieved savings on materials are not worthwhile.

We cooperate with designers and interior decoration professionals. This makes our stairs not only functional but also perfectly matched to your spaces.

We design individual stairs. Therefore, you will not meet anywhere else your stairs.

We create from different types of materials: Polish and exotic wood, as well as metal and glass.

By being handcrafted, our stairs are given a soul. We avoid the limitations of CNC technology.

How we work?


You come to us for a coffee. At the same time we listen to you needs.


Our designers create a 3D visualisation of your stairs. We present you with a ready-made project.


When you accept the project we get into action. Creating simple stairs takes us usually 1 week and a half or 1 month and a half in the case of curved stairs.


Before the stairs of your dreams reach you, they undergo a quality check. We can provide you with a certificate that shows all norms are fulfilled.


We assemble the staircase at your house/company. You can just enjoy a wonderful view (both of the stairs and… from the stairs ).

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